Local Artists



Robert Popp: Photographer

Robert Popp, owner of R&R Art Galleries. Robert's photographic portfolio is as immense as it is diverse. Focusing mostly on architecture and landscapes, Robert has captured everything from small towns in Bulgaria to entrancing night scenes of our own cityscape here in Downtown Milwaukee, WI. 


Dagmara Costello: Jewelry Artisan

Dagmara uses many kinds of mediums within her varied practice. Her jewelry work in particular displays a delicate balance between fluctuating materials. Elegant yet powerful, classic but avant-gaurde. Her work utilizes unique materials being suspended by one of a kind forms. 


James Bednarski: Woodworker

Bednarski's work creates a union between repurposed industrial materials such as reclaimed steel and wood. Each piece of furniture is seamlessly crafted by hand to provide the perfect statement piece within the room. Form and function come together and work in unison beautifully in Bednarski's work. 

Eduardo Metal Sculptor.jpg

Eduardo: Metal Sculptor

Eduardo transforms gears and other found metal parts into recognizable objects such as motorcycles, guitars, working clocks. Rising up from the grits and grease, these reused metal parts get to see another life. Each piece is a story and conversation in itself,  some containing recognizable symbols of our city, Milwaukee.

Dan Duffy 1.jpg

Dan Duffy: Painter

Duffy's colorful figural paintings break the boundaries of realism and drift into modes of surrealism. His depictions of everyday scenes are described using an emphasis on shape and color, almost becoming abstract in some places. One piece in particular, with it's angular cut out, shifts between painting and sculpture.